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CENTA®  Shorts

Bite-sized video resources (that should take you less than 5 minutes to complete)- MyCENTA shorts are designed to be your go-to resource for rapid upskilling.

Professional Competencies

The learning modules in this section will focus on competencies that teachers should build in order to engage in effective interactions in their professional environment. We will start off with a couple of resources around establishing a positive relationship with students and developing a sense of initiative and drive. In the coming days, we will …

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Technology in Education

The learning modules in this section focus on how a teacher should leverage technology in the classroom – the knowledge of different tools/ platforms which could be used to support the teaching-learning process, understanding of the different purposes of technology (increasing efficiency, effectiveness etc.), the ability to identify specific parts of a lesson where the …

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Student Assessment and Remediation

This course focuses on what different types of assessment objectives are and how a teacher should define them depending upon the broader purpose of the assessment. It also highlights different assessment designs and pros and cons of each. Interpretation of student work to derive relevant insights related to student understanding/ misconceptions is also covered, along …

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Classroom Communication

The lessons in this course focus on how a teacher should communicate with students, deliver her/ his lessons in an impactful manner and how to set-up and manage the classroom to maximize learning.

CENTA Standards

The CENTA Standards are a well-defined set of expectations for teachers at different stages of their careers, have been developed through a rigorous process and are meant to evolve continuously.

Content Development & Planning

The lessons in this course focus on how a teacher should do Lesson Planning – setting effective and practical Learning Objectives, selecting appropriate Pedagogical Methods & Resources, and deciding what all should be covered and in what sequence.

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