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How to build better understanding of graphs among students

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    Hi all,

    ‘Graphs’ is an important topic in Math and something that comes up not only in the board exam, but also various aptitude tests, entrances, etc. Any ideas from any of you on how you build better understanding of graphs among your students? What activities do you use? What kind of explanations do you give? Many teachers here can benefit from your inputs!

    Ramya Venkataraman

    Sumita Sachdeva

    First of all study the information what all about the graph is . Information given on x axis and y axis . Then through observation will help u to give deep information by relating questions asked with the information given in the graph.

    Anita Jain

    Graphs help students to visualize the data .One should read the title and labels. Then organize and analyze it to interpret as required.


    Asking students to make drawings on graph papers like copying a small figure to bigger dimensions or vice versa will prove to be of great help initially. Making number-lines, whether as single horizontal line or as intersecting lines straight angles, in the play ground or in the passages…will lead to an understanding of integers and gradually the z-axis and the y-axis. unconsciously without any stress among students.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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