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Importance of Reading

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    Kiran Adhikari

    First reading of the passage to be done very carefully with concentration and then read the questions.

    Babita Dubey

    Before answering any question, one should passage thoroughly and understand the meaning of the used words as well…

    Meenu Bhalla

    Carefully reading the  passage,understanding the meaning of important words are the key to answer asked  questions rightly.

    Meenu Bhalla

    Questions asked also needs to be read carefully and needs to relate with given passage

    Anita Jain

    Reading helps to build vocabulary ,improves knowledge ,understanding and memory of any topic. It also helps in development of critical thinking skill


    conscious reading has to be done. It helps readers understand the context, develop vocabulary and catch the nuances of language and grammar. In order to memorise the topic, the best way is to practise  visualisation of what they read.


    Reading, whether of the passage or a text from some particular subject, or  reading of the questions, must be done consciously… thoroughly.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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