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On Diksha App: Creative and Critical Thinking Questions for studen

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    Resource- CBSE has posted application based, thought provoking questions on DIKSHA app. The questions posted so far are from the areas of Science, English, Mathematics and Hindi and are aimed at students from Classes 7 through 10. You may use those questions in your class to give practice to students or share the information so that they practice at their pace and availability. They can download the app and register themselves.

    Rashmi Dua

    Great initiative!


    It is a great initiative taken by the concerned authorities which is is beneficial for both the students and the teachers.


    CENTA has contributed several questions in Maths, Science and English for CBSE to post on Diksha app. The same questions can be found here also. This is a very positive initiative by CBSE in partnership with organizations like CENTA.


    Can any one please guide me how to  see these list of questions so that it can help me in better understanding and planning

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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