Introduction to Child Learning

All our children are not the same. They all develop at their own pace – be it physically or cognitively.  As teachers plan for their classes, there are multiple things they need to consider – what to teach, how to teach, and how to assess students’ learning, if students are motivated and learning, or if a change of plan is required. Also, to manage the classroom effectively, teachers must decide how to respond to the unique problems and behaviours of each student. This course will introduce teachers to new information which will help them do this.

Teachers will understand the different theories related to ways in which children learn and how learning connections are made with age. They will also get a glimpse of the diversity in learner characteristics and learning patterns.

The Course is aligned with CENTA® Standards on ‘UC – Understanding of Child Learning and Diversity. It has four Modules, which participants are expected to cover in Terms 1, 2 and 3, respectively.


1. Introduction to Educational Psychology, how the brain learns and learning theories

2. Active Learning

3. Learning styles, patterns and Multiple Intelligences

4. Universal Design for Learning

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