Aligning learning objectives, instructional strategies and assessment

When creating a course, it’s critical to make sure that these three elements are in sync. We must clearly specify alignment in order to align various components of the course module. When there is uniformity across the program, with specific relationships between evaluations, course goals, and learning exercises, this is referred to as alignment. To ensure that everyone engaged is aware of the expectations, learning objectives should be aligned with instructional methodologies and assessments. Instructors and students should both have a clear idea of what will be taught and how it will be assessed.


There are three questions that can be used in an effort to ensure that all components of your course align:

What are your learning objectives? What are the goals I want students to achieve by the end of the course?

What tactics can I use to help students understand more? What activities may students do to prepare for their assessments?

What types of evaluations will there be? How will I ensure that my pupils can demonstrate their mastery of the learning objectives I’ve set?

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