Challenging our beliefs about intelligence

For a long time, we have continued to believe certain things to be true about learning. In the absence of research, evidence and data we relied on our own judgements and guesses.

However, now we have research that tells us what works and what doesn’t. Some of these things might be similar to what you believe and some might be completely opposite to your current beliefs. Remember to be open and curious. Ask questions of yourself and others and enjoy the process! 

Recent research and developments in education prove that statements 1, 3, 5 and 6 are false. Intelligence is not just defined by our logical and language abilities but consists of different ways of looking at the world. Every human has all the different types of intelligence, they may have more or less of some and all of these can be learnt, cultivated and built over time. It is not fixed. 

Some of it can be tested through MCQs and short tests but these tests do not define how ‘smart’ a student is. All students are uniquely smart and these strengths can be cultivated over a period of time! 

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