Critical Thinking through Stories

Storytelling has been the way to transfer knowledge traditionally since ages. But it is also a very potent tool to teach critical thinking to growing kids as is supported by research (which you can read here)

Let’s look at some simple strategies that you can use to teach critical thinking through a story

Stop often while telling the story and ask for predictions about how the situations will unfold.

Select stories that leads to more than one interpretation, are open-ended and raises interesting issues and present dilemmas. Folktales often meet these criteria well

You can win half of the battle here with your art of questioning! Ask questions like – How would change the story and why? Who would benefit from……? What would happen with….? Which character benefited from……? What did it mean when…… happened? When should the character have changed his mind/actions?

Use the Corners strategy: You can use a situation in the story which leads to at least 4 conclusions/thoughts, then mark four corners in the room to represent the 4 conclusions and ask students to stand in the corner which represents their conclusion and ask them to defend their stand. This strategy gives students group support while they try to think of reasons to defend their stand.

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