Developing Reading Comprehension Strategies


Option B: CORRECT. The second paragraph indicates how Reading Comprehension skills are foundational to different kinds of learning and hence it can be inferred that without these skills it will be difficult for students to master their formal learning.

Option A: incorrect. There are obviously other skills also that are essential to do well in CBSE Board examinations. Further, while the passage emphasizes on the importance of reading comprehension since it is about this workshop, it does not imply that it is the most important skill.

Option C: incorrect. Most incorrect inference. Reading comprehension skills help in inferring outcomes by analysing scientific experiments. The passage almost directly says this.

Option D: incorrect. Reading comprehension skills are language agnostic (though fluency in the language is required to apply them). However, there is no related information available in the passage and this is not something that can be inferred from the passage.

Please go through all pages.

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