Diverse applications of Pascal’s triangle in various subjects

This is Pascal’s triangle. Each number in the triangle is the sum of the two numbers above it.

Pascal’s Triangle has many applications in mathematics and statistics.

Here are some of the applications of Pascal’s triangle –

Combinations: Pascal’s Triangle can be used to find combinations. The top row in Pascal’s Triangle is row zero, and the first item in any row (the 1s) are item zero in that row. For example, if we wanted to find 5_C_3. Look in Row 5, at item number 3. the answer is 10.

1. Coefficient of polynomials can be used to find the numbers in Pascal’s triangle.
2. To find powers of 2 and 11

Patterns: You can find patterns for prime numbers, Catalan numbers, and the Fibonacci sequence. There are many more interesting patterns in the triangle as well.

Biology: Pascal’s triangle is also the ideal law for cell division.
See this figure below to learn how –

Atomic structure: It can also be used to find Electron configuration

Pascal’s triangle is also used by architects, people in finance and designers to get complex and precise calculations.

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