EVS: Develop students’ critical thinking using this activity

Introduce the chapter of Walls tells Stories using this activity which builds upon the existing knowledge of the students (i.e. the constructivist theory of learning)

What is the activity?

It contains a set of questions and quick tasks that will be prompted to the students before the beginning of the chapter. Teachers don’t have to evaluate or look for perfect answers but focus on bringing out creative and informed responses.

Why this activity?

The type of questions vary from “Answering by drawing’ to ‘Value-based Questions’, hence this task looks for comprehensive development by offering a “choice” to the students in exhibiting their knowledge. It will encourage learners to visualize and think critically about planning a fort using their pre-existing knowledge.

How to implement the activity?

  • First, ask the students to recall their visit to any fort or recall whatever they might have read/heard about forts till now.
  • Then ask them to plan their own fort with a city for common people to live in.
  • Give them a list of the following questions which the students will need to reflect on while planning their fort. These questions will guide and anchor the thinking process of the students in the intended direction without feeing lost.

The students can even draw their fort, currency, carved wall designs and compile to form a Brochure. Brochures are informative paper booklets about a place with colorful pictures and interesting facts about the place to attract tourists and hence work as advertisements. 
This compilation will be the learners’ reflection of the surroundings that will become the base of their knowledge construction.

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