How to differentiate for different students using the same syllabus?

Differentiation DOES NOT mean “watering down” the syllabus. This does not mean creating different lessons for, or “simultaneously individually” instructing, every student. The syllabus is the minimum requirement that teachers have to do. At the end of a lesson, a unit or a year, all students have to be able to do what the syllabus entails.

Let us watch this video:

As we saw in this video, the teacher did not have to plan something different in advance for every student. He was just very creative and thought out of the box and STILL achieved the learning objective he planned.

For example – he let one student write about football but it still had to be an argumentative essay, he let his students doodle but about the topic being taught or tested, he allowed students to sit on a desk, but read something meaningful. 

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