Implement blended learning in all subjects

Blended learning aims to cater to the learning styles of all children in the classroom, not just in one subject but all. Let’s see how we can implement blended learning in different subjects.

Watch the video to find out how you can implement blended learning in subjects like Science, English and Social

In the video, you saw how Blended Learning can be implemented in Science, English and Social Studies

In Science, the simplest way to implement blended learning is to use simulations of different processes available online.

In English, use youtube to find books that are converted into movies, pictures, etc. Here the idea is to help students visualise ideas.

In Social Science, youtube is the go-to app where you can use clips from channels like Lok Sabha TV or show movies made on topics like the French Revolution

Stay tuned for the next CENTA Shorts to find out how you can be inclusive in blended learning

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