Learning to Articulate

Have you ever been in meetings, heard speeches, or read letters that went on and on and on? So, all of us know that we appreciate clear and concise messages!

So, how can we capture our audience’s attention? How can we ensure that our message is understood clearly?

Let’s look at this video to learn the strategy to make our messages clear and engaging:

In the video, we saw that we must communicate to understand, not just reply! But, to be able to engage those we are talking to, we must learn to articulate. The 4Cs of articulation are:

(1) CLEARUse plain language
(2) CONCISE Remove all unnecessary words
(3) COMPLETE Finish your sentences
(4) CORRECT Double-check your messages

You can explore more in our self-paced course on “Mastering Effective Communication Skills”. If interested, you can find it on MyCENTA. (Click on the link)

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