Practicing leadership in the classroom

The classroom is a perfect place to begin building leadership skills. As teachers, we can incorporate various leadership activities into our daily lessons.

Let’s take a look at how you can bring leadership alive in the classroom

We looked at some techniques that we can take into the classroom to practise leadership. Activities like reading, exploring case studies, and debates, are aimed at building exposure to the world around them. As leaders, it is also important to build the values of collaboration, critical thinking and decision-making. This is where co-curricular activities, group work and discussions come into play. For the students to understand what leadership has looked like in different areas, you can bring in stories of leaders around the world. Even better, as a teacher and leader yourself, you can set an example by modelling what excellent leadership looks like in the classroom.

Is someone born a leader?’ ‘Can anyone be a leader?’
If these are questions that you have thought about, tune in to tomorrow’s CENTA® Shorts to find out!

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