Problem solving tips for learners

The following are a few suggestions which can be inculcated in a classroom or referred by learners for conflict dilution

Ignore it. (It takes more courage to walk away than to stay and fight.

  • Do something else (find another game or activity).
  • Leave long enough for a cooling-off period, then follow-up with the next steps.

Talk it over respectfully

  • Tell the other person how you feel. Let him or her know you don’t like what is happening.
  • Listen to what the other person says about how he or she feels and what he or she doesn’t like.
  • Share what you think you did to contribute to the problem.
  • Tell the other person what you are willing to do differently.

Agree on a mutual solution

  • Apologize
  • Work out a plan to coordinate for future instances

Ask for help if it does not look like workable

  • Put it on the class meeting agenda (this can also be taken up as a first solution rather than a last resort)
  • Talk it over with a parent or a teacher personally

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