Reflective Practice Cycle

Let us watch this video (till 3:10):

Did you notice what Johnathan Edwards was already doing as a triple jumper? He, with the help of his physiotherapist, was trying to build a technique in which he builds a mindset that this is his most important jump. This technique helped him focus and tune out the crowd when he was performing.

Johnathan Edwards was doing well, but he was not winning any gold medals. He realised this and decided he was not going to go to the same world championship year after year repeating the same performance.

As teachers, we must look for opportunities to constantly grow, and by this, we do not mean look for programmes or training etc. which could help you with this. We can do this ourselves!

All we need to do is want to improve from within, want to grow for ourselves and our students and not because someone else asked us to. Once we identify what actions of ours we want to take a deeper look at, we are on the path of reflection and helping ourselves grow.

The process of reflection is a cycle that needs to be repeatedly practised.

Do whatever you had planned to implement.

Self-assess the effect your actions had.

Modify your actions based on your self-assessment.

Repeat the process.

Think about how reflective practice does not only apply to teaching, but to every other aspect of our lives too. We can use reflection in any area of practice.

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