Remember Types of Crops through an Infographic

In textbooks the concept of the Types of Crops depending upon different seasons is summed up in a small paragraph. And this concept holds great importance from school education to higher education and is being asked in various entrance examinations. Year after year, the learners read these names. While reading these, learners tend to get confused with different types of crops and try to memorize their names without conceptualizing them. 

Also learners living in urban settings are mostly unaware of  agriculture practices that they should be aware of. This topic doesn’t come to use in their day to day life. So, there arises a need for a strategy to make them aware of this cycle throughout the year.Using the given comprehensive Infographic, learners will be able to better understand the harvesting cycle throughout the year. This aims to make learners know when certain crops are sown and harvested according to their needs.

More than rote memorization the focus should be laid on easy ways that use visual representations. 

Infographics contain coloured graphics and pictorial representations of the cycle with necessary amounts of information. These resources attract learners and give them clarity about relations in the information and thus increase retention. The same cycle when written without the diagram tends to become vague and a token of information. 

Can you Think and Reflect on this?
What method will you use to make students learn the names of various crops that fall under the different categories of crops?

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