Taking initiative and going beyond the defined role

Be proactive

Use your knowledge of the job to determine whether you have the competencies to make decisions on your own or whether you should present your ideas to your supervisors before proceeding.

Find opportunities for improvement

You can take initiative by looking for opportunities for improvement. Use the feedback you’ve got to improve on your low points

Voice your ideas

Sharing your insights at meetings or individually with is another way to take initiative at work. Expressing your opinion can help you establish your voice within the organization.

Be decisive

To show initiative, be decisive and choose the best way to proceed. Come up with a few simple solutions to a problem, weigh the pros and cons of each solution and choose which course of action will work best.

Improve systems, procedures and policies

If you notice that a policy is outdated, a great way to take initiative is to review it and make suggestions on how it can be updated.

Address and prevent problems

By actively addressing issues, you can help improve your workplace and sharpen your problem-solving skills. When confronted with an issue, ask yourself questions to find the root cause of the problem

Be prepared for meetings

Attending meetings with suggestions and questions prepared demonstrates that you’ve taken the initiative to put time and thought into the meeting’s purpose.

Anticipate questions and prepare answers

If you arrive at your meeting having identified where issues occurred and with actionable ways to avoid these issues in the future, you will show that you’re willing to take the initiative to meet challenges and work to prevent them.

Set realistic standards

You can set achievable standards by taking initiative only on tasks that you have the time, energy and resources to contribute to.

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