Teach Earthquake through hands-on activities

Knowing about Earth and its movements is a very fascinating topic for the students but due to lack of activities they lose interest and depending entirely on imagination is not enough to understand to the fullest. When students find it difficult to picture a concept in their minds, it is best to follow demonstration techniques to enhance their learning experience. To give students a complete experience about earthquakes from start to finish, turn the 4 corners of the classroom into ACTION ZONES where they learn through visual trips across activities in order to be thorough with the concept. Turning their classroom into activity zones will stir excitement in children about learning new topics.


  1. Choose four aspects of a topic that you want to focus or bring students attention to.
  2. Students learn by putting the concept into action using live practical demonstrations.
  3. Give some ‘think time’ to students to ponder over how a particular action takes place in nature and discuss their thoughts over it.

Think and Reflect!

What reasons might you have for choosing a demonstration technique rather than letting students do their own practical work?

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