Teach efficiently using Body Movements

In most classrooms, students face the teacher throughout lessons. Did you know that your students notice even the slightest changes in your body movements? This makes it important to use movements and gestures efficiently to engage your students.

Let’s look at this video to know how teachers can use body movements as teaching aids:

In the video, you saw three important components of using your body as a teaching aid:

(1) Your movements should be friendly, approachable, and supervisory. Students need to realize that the teacher is accessible to them at all times.
(2) Your body language should be confident, present, and alert. It has a subconscious effect on students to engage them as well.
(3) You can use gestures to explain complex or abstract ideas. They can be used to emphasize important information to students can grasp them better.

Tune in to tomorrow’s CENTA® Shorts to learn about using non-verbal communication as teaching aids!

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