Teaching Integers in a fun way


Just when students have mastered the basic operations on whole numbers, here comes the entry of Integers, a whole new world of positive and negative numbers. Well, positive numbers having a positive effect do not scare the students as much as a combination of positive and negative numbers that terrify them and how can we forget the greatest number of all times , zero (0).  

In this resource, you will find how to teach a challenging topic in the most trouble-free, easy to understand manner.

Follow this 3D methodology to provide a strong supporting conceptual understanding to the students.

1. Define

Here, instead of giving away the definitions directly, the teacher can divide students into groups to develop the definitions by asking them probing questions like “Can you tell me the number which is at the same distance as 7 from 0 in the opposite direction? “or “Which number is farther from 0, -12 or 5?”.

2. Develop

3. Design

Addition of Integers:

Addition of integers is quite simple and straightforward. The only rule to remember is here is

Same signs Add- copy sign                  Different signs subtract – sign of greater number 
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A Mnemonic phrase is a trick that you can teach students to help remember important things by making up a silly sentence using the initials. 

Multiplication and Division of Integers

 Tic-Tac-Toe trick, in which the diagonal is positive and every other place is filled with a negative sign. 

By following any pattern, the students can determine the sign for all multiplication and division problems.

Misconception and Remediation:

More often the students have a misconception that bigger the numeral, greater will be its value. But that is not true in the case of integers.
For example,  -45 and +15, the majority of students just by a glance will choose -45 to be a greater number. 
The best way to clear this confusion is to use vertical number lines as it will give an idea how -45 is lesser than +15.

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