Tips to adjust to unexpected deviations in a lesson plan

Be flexible and responsive as per the classroom atmosphere

You can respond to the changing needs of your classroom if you keep a little flexibility in your planning. Even when lessons go off track, your students expect you to be in charge and guide them. A flexible mindset will keep you from losing control of the class if things aren’t going your way. Flexibility allows you to focus on the pupils who need it the most.

Teachable moments are effective because the learner gains a deeper understanding of what is being taught and what they can learn in those moments. Students are more engaged in these situations, asking questions and seeking answers to help them understand subjects. Though the focus of the moments may be on one or two kids, the potential for deeper understanding will benefit all of your pupils.

Take advantage of teachable moments

Have backup plans

Make a note of the sections of your original lecture you can skip if you run out of time when developing backup plans. With this advanced planning, you may make quick changes in class without losing time. These backup plans don’t have to be as formal or specific as your original strategy, but they should help you stay on track for a certain session.

Lesson plans in digital format Reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to change your lesson plans. When you move to digital lesson plans, making adjustments to your lesson plans becomes much easier. Nobody hates to change their lesson plans after they’ve spent so much time planning them, but it’s nearly certain that things won’t go as planned one day.

Create digital lesson plans

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