Types of Government through a Concept Map

The Concept Maps are graphical tools or diagrams that represent the relationship between concept and ideas. 

Why use a Concept Map?

  • Mere use of the Lecture method followed by rote- memorization leaves gaps in the learning, which over time leads to weak basic concept formation.
  • The Concept Map is an extraordinarily useful strategy as they make absorbing the concept easier by providing a complete, comprehensive and organized overview of the concept using graphical elements.
  • The usage of Concept Maps increases retention time in learners because of its graphical representation and involves visual learning thus a long lasting schema formation.
  • It will also help the slow learners in the classroom grasp the concept quickly with lesser efforts. Thus, this method caters to the needs of both fast learners and slow learners.

    The skill of  creating a Concept Map after completion of each concept involves following steps:

Understanding➨ Interpreting➨ Extracting➨ Correlating➨ Rewriting

The process of creating a concept map requires a high level of mental activity and consequently leads to Cognitive Development.

Let’s look at this Concept Map on Types of Government

The knowledge of Types of Government is significant in developing their understanding of the functioning of different governments around the world. Hence, it finds long term utility in life, utility beyond learning for examinations.

Use of the given Concept Map in the classroom should be supplemented with a habit formation among learners to create concept maps on their own after completion of each topic. They must not be limited to Social Science but should also be used to study Science, Mathematics and Grammar.

Think and Reflect: What are the ways other than a  concept map through which you can bring out the differences between the types of governments?

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