Understanding Place value

Place value is one of those basic concepts that help kids build a wide variety of math skills. Understanding place value grows in complexity every year thus building a concrete foundation of conceptual knowledge is essential in the primary level. 

In this resource, we will be discussing effective and innovative ways to strengthen students’ skills required to understand place value by exploring it from different angles.

Introduce the topic using Retrieval Practices

Retrieval practices boosts learning by pulling out already existing information on these topics from the students rather than directly pushing new information into students minds.

To start, do this active learning activity with your students to retrieve students’ already existing knowledge. Doing this will build a solid foundation to introduce the concept of place value further

Build the conceptual understanding of Place Value through Physical Involvement

 Physical involvement has an impact on cognitive skills such as concentration and attention. It especially benefits learners of the kinesthetic style.

Do this activity with your students to build the understanding of Place value

Reinforce the learned concept using Hands-on activities

1.Use this activity to reinforce the concept of place value through the expanded form method, which is a handy way to write numbers that shows the place value of each digit. It looks like an addition problem and will help students break numbers down and understand their place value.

2. Using various tools like base 10- blocks, sticks, or Jenga blocks helps students make the connection between the number and its place value by building abstract representations of the numerals. Visual-spatial learning style comes into play as visuals have a far more significant impact on their long-term memory than other communication methods.

Misconception and Remediation:

  1. Zero 
    Sometimes students tend to ignore the value of zero in a number. For example, the students have a misconception that 3 hundreds and 5 ones gives 35. Thus, representation of the number in the place value chart will depict that there is no number in the tens places making it 0. Such depiction helps the students to analyze that 305 is not the same as 35

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