Understanding Pygmalion effect

What is the Pygmalion effect?

Have you ever come across a situation when your behaviour and actions towards your learners have resulted in a positive outcome in the learner?

The circumstance wherein high expectations from a teacher lead to improved performance of a student has been described as the Pygmalion effect. 

Watch the video below to learn more about it. Look out for how a teacher’s attitude impacts a student.

 The video emphasizes the importance of actions and how they shape a person’s beliefs about themselves. Let us understand the negative and positive impact that actions can have on a student as we just saw in the video.


The teacher has high expectations from Chris. The coach shows his happiness when Chris enters the basketball court. He pushes him to do better and helps him practice harder. He corrects his mistakes and helps him improve. He shows a growth mindset towards him. This can lead to Chris developing a growth mindset about himself.

    IMPACT- Chris believes in his own success


   The coach has low expectations from Joe. The coach has low expectations from JoeThe coach hardly notices Joe when he enters the court. He doesn’t appreciate his achievements and neither does he provide him with any feedback. He gets annoyed by his mistakes. He shows a fixed mindset towards him. This can lead to Joe developing a fixed mindset about himself.

   IMPACT- Joe does not believe in his own success

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